Less than a month and I can’t stand waiting. Beside my other travel plans for Tomorrowland in Belgium and kazantip in Ukraine I am endless emotional about visiting my favorite country on earth again. On April 19th I will head up to….??? Exactly, MEXICO! Some of you might ask, why is Mexico his favorite country? Is he insane? But I don’t even know where to start, just thinking about eating tacos with guacamole and drinking the best tequila ever makes me looking forward to visit Mexico. Not even start talking about the breathtaking countryside, the crazy parties and the stunning girls. I was living in Mexico for a year and this is my 4th visit. So I know what I am crazy about.

What is the exact plan? The plan is to travel there with 5 of my friends for three weeks. But why in April? I can tell you, the reason has a name: Feria de San Marcos. Probably you never heard about it, because it isn’t well-known outside from Mexico. But inside everyone knows it. Feria de San Marcos is the most important Feria in entire Mexico. It takes place in Aguascalientes, located 500km northern Mexico City. Aguascalientes has around 1Million habitants. This is a small town for Mexican standards. But during the Feria period (3 1/2 weeks) around 8 Million people are invading this town and turning it upside down.

In the Feria you can do everything. the whole day is program. Well I am not well-informed about the over day-program(normally I am busy with my hangover at this time). But I can tell you from the evening on there is a lot to do. There are bullfights, a lot of concerts of Mexican and international stars, a huge casino invites to win some money and a whole street with clubs is waiting for the party people. But you don’t need a fixed plan. Just go to the Feria area (which is almost complete Aguascalientes Downtown) and walk around, get waisted and do whatever you feel like. There is a lot to discover. It is like the Mexican „Oktoberfest“. Check out the trailer of this year. But don’t let yourself be fooled! They are pointing out all the cultural stuff in this video and skipping almost the incredible nightlife.

Our plan this year; We rented a big house near the feria for the entire three weeks, but we won’t stay there the whole time. For the first two days a night out in the feria is planned (tables already reserved). Then we start a short road trip to the coast with our rented minivan. Guadalajara, Tepic, San Blas and Mazatlan are our checkpoint on this route. We already booked a Cabana in a surf camp for a night and an apartment in Mazatlan. The road trip is supposed to last one week. The rest of our Mexico time will be spent in Aguascalientes enjoying the Feria, meeting Mexican friends and just having a good time.

I highly recommend you, to try Mexico for your next destination. I really love to be there and I never get bored of it. So if you also like Mexican food, meeting nice people, having great parties, enjoying beautiful beaches and watching drug cartels shoot outs, then don’t hesitate to visit Mexico.

Below my financial breakdown of the trip. The costs are calculated per person. We are traveling with a group of 6 guys, so the sum would be times six. I have to mention, that the costs for the house is incredible expensive for Mexico even it is a huge one, but this is influenced by the extreme high demand of the Feria period. The pocket money could also be less, but don’t want to worry about money and want to allow myself some champagne bottles in the club and other luxury expenses.

 Expenses  Duration  Detail Costs 
Flight DUS-AGS Expedia.de  800eur
House 3 weeks on request 235eur
Car-Rental 6 days Budget.de 100eur
Surf-Camp  1 night www.stonerssurfcamp.com  4eur
Hotel 3 nights booking.com  40eur
Pocket money 3 weeks 1700eur

So far guys. If I will return alive from Mexico, I provide the pictures and stories.