VAMONOS! – Viva Mexico Cabrones!

Less than a month and I can’t stand waiting. Beside my other travel plans for Tomorrowland in Belgium and kazantip in Ukraine I am endless emotional about visiting my favorite country on earth again. On April 19th I will head up to….??? Exactly, MEXICO! Some of you might ask, why is Mexico his favorite country? Is he insane? But I don’t even know where to start, just thinking about eating tacos with guacamole and drinking the best tequila ever makes me looking forward to visit Mexico. Not even start talking about the breathtaking countryside, the crazy parties and the stunning girls. I was living in Mexico for a year and this is my 4th visit. So I know what I am crazy about.

What is the...

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TomorrowWorld – The Madness is crossing the Ocean *Update

Tomorrowland is the rated as the best festival in the entire world. Since a few years it was located in Boom, a small city near Antwerpen, Belgium. This year 2013 Tomorrowland also takes place in Boom. The ticket were sold out in one second on 16th of February. The only way to join Tomorrowland this year, is to buy tickets on ebay or the black market for over 1000eur.

But for these guys under you, who are not able to spend such an amount of cash, there is a light in the end of the dark tunnel. As announced through the official Tomorrowland Team, there is a second Tomorrowland called:  TomorrowWorld

Is this incredible or not? Guys with Tomorrowland tickets may not be amused...

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Confirmed – Andy goes kazantip

Did you ever hear something about kazantip? Nothing? Ok, let me give you a short heads-up. There are plenty of electronic music festivals in Europe, but kazantip is supposed to be the craziest one. It is located in Ukraine. No kidding. In a small village, called Popovka, which is directly at the Black Sea. A few years ago, the festival lasted around 4 weeks. But they shortened it to 2 ½ weeks. Maybe they realized how insane a 4 weeks festival really is. This year 2013 it starts from 31st of July to 14th of August, but the main festival time is from 4th – 10th. Before is the warm up and after it the cooling down period...

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Dreamville Gathering

Tomorrowland 2012 => Tomorrowland 2013 => This is Madness

In April the 7th of 2012 we, six friends and I were clever enough to get tickets in the worldwide presale of Tomorrowland. Hundreds of friends didn’t. No idea what they all did wrong. However, after counting days for month finally the last weekend of July 2012 arrived and we started early in the morning around 8am from our small city in Germany straight ahead to Boom in Belgium. For us just a 1,5hour ride. And we made it to Boom in this time, but from the highway to the final parking place in front of the entrance it took us another 2 hours. No issue, with hundred liter beer on board the time passes by quite fast. Only our driver had to struggle...

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Maya Bay

Thailand – Natures Paradise vs Sex Tourism

The calendar is counting the last days of 2011 and for me it means time to check out Thailand. Why Thailand? I and two of my best friends were checking out places all over the world, but Thailand seems to be the best destination for a 3 week-escaping-trip from Germany. The flights are quite cheap (500eur Frankfurt to Phuket) and December is the perfect time period to enjoy Thailand. Well, before there was a hard raining season in Thailand, so we had to adjust our travel only to South-Thailand. Bangkok had to be skipped, actually really sad, but we had no boat and didn’t feel like swimming in the muddy flood.

However, let’s try the south of Thailand...

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Venetian Macau

Macau – The Asian Las Vegas

This year in the beginning of November we (6 guys) headed up to Macau in China. Before we decided to go there we had a long discussion if Macau can compete with the original gambling/Party Paradise Las Vegas in Nevada US. The most online sources described Macau as a kind of boring, but I always want to make my own impressions and I always prefer to discover new places. I have been in Vegas a couple of time, so Macau now it’s your turn to be rocked. Back to the story. We started from Frankfurt, Germany, were in transit over Bejing and after a 16hrs travel we finally arrived in Macau. It was 1 pm and around 25 degrees...

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Las Vegas – Come and go crazy

Landing in Las Vegas

In the middle of October 2010 I made a trip with 6 other friends to Las Vegas in Nevada US. The intension of this trip was party and gambling at the first place. We arrived at McCarran International Airport (LAS) around 8pm and I had already booked online a Limo-Transfer with a welcome-bottle of Champagne (150$). My friends had no idea and were happily surprised about it. The ride to the Hotel was around 10 minutes. Long enough to kill the bottle and enjoy the first impressions of the Las Vegas strip. For me it wasn’t the first time in Las Vegas, but there is always something new to discover. Furthermore it’s impressive to feel the spirit of Las Vegas every time...

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