Tomorrowland is the rated as the best festival in the entire world. Since a few years it was located in Boom, a small city near Antwerpen, Belgium. This year 2013 Tomorrowland also takes place in Boom. The ticket were sold out in one second on 16th of February. The only way to join Tomorrowland this year, is to buy tickets on ebay or the black market for over 1000eur.

But for these guys under you, who are not able to spend such an amount of cash, there is a light in the end of the dark tunnel. As announced through the official Tomorrowland Team, there is a second Tomorrowland called:  TomorrowWorld

Is this incredible or not? Guys with Tomorrowland tickets may not be amused. Imagine you live in USA for example and you were lucky enough to get tickets for Tomorrowland Belgium. Now they release, there will be a similar festival next to your place. Could be punch in your face. But for all party people around the world, who were desperatly waiting hours for nothing in the waiting line of Tomorrowland presale, it is a second and last hope.

But now the most important question: Where will TomorrowWorld take place? Which continent, which country and city? Until now there is no official statement from the Team of Tomorrowland (IDNT). In the musik scene there are some rumors, that it will be Atlanta, Georgia. But also Brazil and South Africa are in the narrower choice.

Whereever it will be, Good luck for the ticketsale to all guys, who are really celebrating the music and not just the commercial hype. The festival became the best off the world, because the right party people were there. This may changes the next years, if only rich people can afford the tickets and people are going to Tomorrowland just „to be there“.

Besides the Djs, stages, laser, fireworks the core of Tomorrowland is the partycrowd, if the tickets are going to people, who are coming to watch Tomorrowland, instead of being Tomorrowland, the mission of Madness will be failed.

I have my tomorrowland ticket for this year and I am curious if Tomorrowland 2013 can compete with Tomorrowland 2012.

Keep you updated!


If you ar still looking for Tickets for Tomorrowland, then I would suggest to wait until the beginning of may and then try to buy a ticket online. Viagogo is a good option to buy tickets for fair prizes.

viagogo - real tickets for real fans - Europas führende Online-Plattform auf dem Ticketzweitmarkt


Finally the IDNT Team announced the location of TomorrowWorld 2013. There were a lot of speculations, but now it is clear. TomorrowWorld 2013 will take place in in Atlanta, Georgia the weekend of September 27-29.

If you are interested in being part of the MADNESS, preregister on and try to get one of the hot tickets.

Dates of the presale:

  • GLOBAL JOURNEY (Travel Packages) Ticket Sale starts APRIL 24, 11AM EST
  • USA Ticket Sale starts APRIL 27, 11AM EST
  • WORLDWIDE Ticket Sale starts May 4, 11AM EST

Good luck to all of you. I will also try to get some, but just for reselling them. Due to the fact, that I already have tickets for Tomorrowland in Belgium and Kazantip in Ukraine, I cannot afford a further festival this year.