• AndysGreatEscape


Hey Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Andy. Born in Germany and grown up in a cozy small town located in the left Niederrhein directly on the border to the Netherlands. It’s a typical pastoral area. Everybody knows each other, nothing new happens….you know what I am talking about.


My occupational carrer is averagely uninteresting. After school I started an apprenticeship in the technical sector, constructing machines etc…I got bored,but I finished it. I decided to make an economics degree aka Bachelor of Business Adminstration…I got bored, but I finished it. It follows an office job, which should be satisfying, but SURPRISE… I am bored. With the feeling deep in me, that there have to be more in life.


Travel is my biggest passion. I am always searching for new destinations all over the world, which want to be explored. Until now I visited around 20 countries on 4 continents, but I am scoring new ones frequently. Furthermore I was living abroad a couple of times. I love the adventure, risk and the danger, which trips in foreign countries have to offer. Call me insane, but in moments where everything can happen, I feel the spirit of being alive in my veins.


My mission is quite simple „Knowing the whole world & crossing down my entire Bucket List“. But to find his own mission or goal of life isn’t the cracking point. You have to enter several commitments in order to reach it. My mission isn’t reachable without a world trip. And as money rules the world and I am not a son of millionaires, I have to discover ways of making money. And I am not talking about paychecks from an office job or similar earnings. I need a passive income, which allows me to to head up in the world without the budget for the whole trip. In the moment I am working on it and I already disvovered high-potential ways. If I will succeed, I provide them in my blog.